Advocacy Tools You NEED For Your Tool Box

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Do you feel guilty that you don’t know…

what you’re supposed to do to get ready for IEP meetings –

or say at IEP meetings –

or how to get what’s right for your child at school?

I use to feel like you do until I learned how to think like an advocate.

In this class and in our Facebook private membership group you’ll discover:

Advocacy Tools and tips you’ll wished you knew about years ago.

You’ll have a ton of ahha moments from the individual attention you get.

I want to help you become an even more effective advocate so your child is

accepted for the person he/she is –

celebrated for the gifts he/she has –

and seen as a competent learner!

Decide that today’s the day.  Today’s the day you are going to step up because you know, school will be better for your son or daughter when you are an even more effective advocate.

Today’s the day you can put down a small investment, only one payment of $497 (or seven payments of $75) for ongoing access to advocacy support and advice.

It’s worth it. Your child is worth it. 

Your child deserves a better education.

I’m excited to get to know you.  Let’s start working together!

I’ll see you inside the course,

Charmaine Thaner

P.S. In the online course, Advocacy Tools You NEED For Your Tool Box you’ll get:

Two bonus mini-courses: The IEP Scavenger Hunt and Thinking Outside The IEP Boxes.

9 Modules with videos, audio recordings, handouts, and interactive advocacy action steps to take.

Module 1: Dig Deeper Into The IEP

Module 2: What The Heck is PLAAFP and Why Should I Care?

Module 3: HOW is Your Child Smart

Module 4: Ready, Set, Goal

Module 5: Making Sense of Accommodations and Modifications

Module 6: Special Education Services and Supports

Module 7: Think Outside of The Special Education Room

Module 8: Prior Written Notice and Why You Need to Know What It Is

Module 9: Advocate For Inclusion

Your private Facebook membership group is a place for more individual attention and help problem solving with whatever you’re dealing with at your child’s school. I’m in there several times a day to share resources, answer questions, and encourage other parents to chime in with ideas.

We also have monthly Q & A live Facebook shows in your private membership group and individual live Strategy Sessions where members and I can talk and brainstorm next steps.

This is an awesome value for just one payment of $497 (or seven payments of $75).  

– Charmaine

Oh yes, parents have been know to sleep better once they're in this class and membership group – that's a good thing. :)

If you'd like the 7 pay option of $75.00 for seven months, click on this link.






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Advocacy Tools You NEED For Your Tool Box $497.00 USD
Due Now $497.00 USD