Now More Than Ever You Need Affordable Advocacy Advice!

Advocating for inclusive education for your child with disabilities is not easy. It can be isolating, confusing, and frustrating.

As a parent, you want the best for your child. You want to make sure they get an excellent inclusive education and that their teachers have everything they need to help students succeed.

Some days there are roadblocks after roadblocks. You keep getting messages that your child doesn’t belong. You go to so many meetings and walk out feeling discouraged after each one.  Then there are the headaches of making sure everyone is implementing the IEP with fidelity.

There’s a lot to deal with and then on top of everything you add trying to understand the special education system, what your rights really are, and how to get your child’s school to commit to inclusive education.

The good news is, it doesn’t have to be this way. Yes, change is possible and we have a community of parents that are blazing the trails of change!

Come join us and become a Trailblazer!  Click here to join.

Parent Advocate Trailblazers is a monthly membership group where you’ll have the chance to connect with other parents from around the country who are working hard on behalf of their children, too!

It’s a community where we get to know each other, where we can celebrate each and every success, share our struggles and get advice and ideas from other parents and myself.

We use a private Facebook group so only our parent members see what you post, or what you talk about. Privacy is important to me and I know you also.

As a member of our Trailblazer community, you'll get: 

A community of parents that “have been there and done that” and can offer you advice and ideas that have worked for them.

We come together to learn with and from each other.

  1.   Three live shows each month with advocacy training, tips, and plenty of time for your questions.  We have live conversations in a come-as-you-are space, with your camera on or off.

All the live shows are recorded so you can go back and re-watch them, or catch the replay.

  1.   A private, online Resource Library just for our members. You have access to high-quality content, tools, and resources whenever you need them.

The Resource Library is constantly growing with parent examples of About Me profiles, new templates you can use when making specific requests for your child, evidence-based articles supporting inclusive education, and much more!

  1.   My professional advocacy advice is based on being a parent of a son with Down syndrome, a retired special education and general education teacher, an adjunct university instructor, and my years of being a special education advocate.

By joining our Trailblazers group, you’ll get access to all of my best advocacy training material.

Imagine walking into a meeting confident and prepared.

What would it feel like knowing exactly what to say at every moment to be the best advocate for your child?

Imagine feeling like you know just as much or more than the people you're going up against and that you are intimately prepared for this meeting and to get the best results for your kid.

Think about what it would be like to have someplace to turn to with your questions no matter when, and get the answers you need.

Imagine having some free time when you don't have to think about school and meetings!

Yes, these things can come true!  I'd love you to join us in our Parent Advocate Trailblazer group.

You’ll be wishing you could have done this years ago!

Join us TODAY! We can’t wait to get to know you better and support you on your advocacy journey!

Stop Going Alone When You Can Join Us Instead

Join us as a Trailblazer if you are:

That Parent

Wanting more family time 

A Questioner

Struggling knowing what to ask for

An Inclusion Advocate

Sick and tired of unproductive IEP meetings

A Change-Maker


Let's start working together for positive change!  CLICK here so I can welcome you in!



Charmaine Thaner, M.A.

[email protected]

P.S. There's no obligation to continue your membership. Stay as long as you are getting what you need. 

P.S.S. I'm not an attorney and can't give you any legal advice. 

What other parents are saying about working with Charmaine:

"Our family is often reminded of what Charmaine has done for us. A year ago we were in a terrible place finding out that my son had been severely mistreated and neglected at school. We were lost- and had no idea what to do for him or where to place him. 

Charmaine came to our rescue and helped us find Jaxson a school that truly supports his needs. We had no idea where to begin to help him. She plowed right through all of what had happened and knew just what needed to be done.

The school district seemed to genuinely listen to her and provided us what we needed after what happened. She did not miss a step in the process and her vast knowledge helped facilitate the district to meet our needs.

We continue to call her when we have any IEP changes, or needs that come up because she takes the stress out of the meetings. It has been invaluable to work with her and recommend her services to anyone with any kind of related needs!!"

  Jessica T.


"Before I started working with Charmaine, the IEP document completely overwhelmed me, and I felt that I wasn’t an equal member at the table in the IEP meetings. I didn’t see how I could affect real change.

Charmaine taught me how to dissect the IEP into manageable components and has been invaluable as an advocate with a school system that still works to exclude kids with special needs from a mainstream education.

She has helped me understand my children's rights and how to help create a strengths based IEP. Through her help, I am becoming more clear and confident as an advocate for my children."

 Kristi R.


Compassion, Experience, Knowledge, Support and Results are all things that come to mind when I think of Charmaine Thaner.


Maneuvering Special Education can be hard as a parent. Charmaine with her quick wit, compassion and many faceted understanding of the process can help parents receive the confidence and knowledge they need to better advocate for their children long after she has provided the results of advocating for your child. Collaborative results that work for you, your child, and the school.


I have had to the opportunity to work with Charmaine when I came to her confused, upset and felt defeated. I did not know how to help my child. Through her ability to train me as a parent and advocate for my daughter, I no longer leave an IEP Meeting in tears feeling like I have not had the opportunity to have my say. I can now confidently speak, research, and advocate in a more positive and collaborative way.


Hiring Charmaine has been a blessing to us. I look forward to gaining more knowledge and continuing to advocate for my daughter with Charmaine’s continued guidance. Thank you Charmaine for inspiring change in our schools so our children will be happy, successful, and learning!

  Laura A.





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